Excel Doubt - IF Formula [Solved/Closed]

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Im stuck in an if question.

I have 3 colums. In the first one I have a number, in the second column a have "yes" and in the third column I want it to SUM the number in the first column and a number in the second column associated with the word "yes".

Is it possible?

For example the sum with 7(first column) with 5 (second column associated to "yes") which will give 12 in the third column.

plus moins

Good Question, lets see how to do it:

A1 - 7
B1 - 5
C1 - Yes

D1 - =IF(C1="Yes",A1+B1,)

Drag the Formula in D1 all the way to the bottom of the sheet (till there is data).

Hope this helps.
plus moins
Completing Zohaib's answer, I would suggest
D1 - =IF(C1="Yes",A1+B1,A1)

assuming that if we have no "YES" then we just want to copy A1 over.

Also, if you want to keep the current file data, with the first value in column A, then the "YES" in column B, then
in F1 type "5"
in the Formulas menu / Define name set the name "Tax" for cell F1
in C1 enter

C1 - =IF(B1="Yes",A1+Tax,A1)
Joao Brito- Apr 29, 2016 at 09:38 AM
Thank you all for your comments. Problem solved

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