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I have a Lexar 16Gb pendrive that, somehow, got "write protected". I've tried the methods available on Win7 from command (cmd)line and "properties". Those methods have failed to remove the "write protection". What would you do to remove this "feature". Oh, the drive is formatted to FAT32. BTW, any suggestions on how the drive got the (write protection) on it? Up until last Fri. it never had it before?
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Hello Rick,

Unfortunately, when this type of error occurs, it means that the USB drive is failing. :( It's a great job what you did with the Command prompt, but there are a couple of troubleshooting that we could try, shall we? :)
Firstly, I would extract the data through third-party software like a data recovery program, then, if that doesn't help, I would go for the Linux Live CD. This OS could help you to see the files as it reads in a different way than the Windows does. You can find the step how to make a bootable flash drive on the Ubuntu forum, but beware to only try it later, not install it, when you boot form the USB drive your PC.

Hope that I gave you some ideas.
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Afternoon KY_WD: apologies for taking so long to reply. Thank You for your information. The "problem" had been resolved by the manufacturer. Lexar has graciously replaced the pendrive. My only thoughts left are what could've occurred that "gave" the read-only designation to the drive? I assure you/anyone I never have had any of my external drives set up this way! Appreciate your reply.
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It often occurs when the drive is deffective.

I´m glad it´s all OK now.

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