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WD hard drive lights up but is not being detected, it works fine before, but now it automatically disconnects. It connects for seconds then disconnects. I tried it with other cables and it lights up but is still undetected. I'm using mac and I have all my files stored in the drive. Hope you answer thanks

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Hello Nickname,

Have you checked if the WD My Passport hard disk works on different ports on your computer? If the MAC has several USB ports, I recommend plugging the external drive in each of them because, for example, one of the USB ports may be failing or needing to update the drivers. Besides, I would like to know, have you connected the external hard drive on different computers with different operating systems recently?
If you haven't done it till now, I would like to suggest you try to access it with an Ubuntu Live USB. In the Ubuntu forum you could see the steps how make a bootable USB. Then you have to boot from it without installing the OS but just trying it on the MAC. Try to see if you could access the drive like that.
Can you hear the hard drive spinning while connected or everything is calm and does not feel any vibration when you touch the case? If you can't, the disk must be in a bad condition and you should take it to a data recovery company to extract the information.

Hope that I helped.

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Nickname- Jul 18, 2016 at 01:49 AM
Yes I've tried on different ports of mac and still it just connects for a second then it ejects itself. Yes I had also tried it on different computers and I tried it on windows, it is detected but it also doesn't show up cause I changed something for it to open on my mac. I can also hear the hard drive spinning while connected and feel a vibration and it's lighted up. But still it doesn't connect.

Thank you for answering thou, i appreciate it. ☺️
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Hi again,

It is important to know what exactly did you do /what is that “something”/ to make the drive work on MAC systemс. Did you change the format or something? Are you using additional software to manipulate the drive compatibility with MAC?
My advice is to go a data recovery company, if you want to take back the data stored on the WD My Passport drive.


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