Delivery Reports Wouldn't Enable... [Solved/Closed]

Ask a question Sara222 - Last answered on Aug 15, 2016 at 03:25 PM by xpcman
I have an LG Volt. An LGLS740 to be specific. I spent two days looking up various ways to turn on Delivery Reports for this phone. Including finally asking my carrier, only to have them give me the same instructions that simply did not work. After a time I upgraded my Messaging from default Messaging 4.2.4 to Messaging for Android. In the older version when I would go into settings in messaging and clicked Text Messages it gave me two to enable Priority Messages or Standard, and another for Message Reassembly. This is where it should have also been able to enable Delivery Reports but did not. IF there was a way other than the standard route, I never found it. Just hoping to keep someone else from beating their head against a wall, like I was doing. Granted, the newer messaging app has my delivery reports saying pending even when they are sent, but I GET delivery reports and have the ability to enable the setting, and that is half the battle in my mind. Hope this helps someone to not feel as frustrated!
plus moins
Thanks for the "heads-up"

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