Place specfic text in cell based on text in an adjacent cell [Solved/Closed]

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Hello Folks,

Per the preface, I have a cell that has validation rules of "Concur, Non-concur". If the user selects "Non-concur" for that cell, I want to place text into the adjacent cell to the right.

For example, if A and B are the cells in question, and I select "Non-concur" as the value for A1, I want the then place a string in B1. I have tried using a conditional formatting formula in B1 such as =IF(A1="Non-concur","Sample text",). That formula does not cause an error, yet it gives no results. That is, the string "Sample text" does not appear in B1.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting this done?

Most appreciated.

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Hi Fergie,

You want to enter text in the cell and not change it's format, so why use conditional format?

Put the IF formula in B1. B1 will show False when A1 doesn't contain "Non-concur". To prevent that use this: =IF(A1="Non-concur","Sample text","")

Best regards,
Fergie- Sep 1, 2016 at 10:08 PM
Hi Trowa,

Thanks for the response. I have tried that and did not get anything in the target cell.
I also tried negative logic, that is =IF(A1<>"Concur","Sample text",""), which did work but, the problem is the Sample text shows up in B1 in the rows where the user has not selected a choice of Concur or Non-concur. I tried conditional formatting on B1 to change font to white so that text doesn't show, that did not work either.
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Fergie, Good evening.

The Trowa's formula:

B1 -->
=IF(A1="Non-concur","Sample text","")

works perfectly for your case.

Did you checked if there is any rule of Conditional Format acting at B1?

It's a simple case and there is no reason for not work.
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Found something that worked:

=IF(OR(A1="C",A1=""),"","Sample Text")

This formula goes into A2 and leaves A2 blank even when he user has not selected a value from the validation list in A1.

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Hi Fergie,

That doesn't make sense, since anything other then the letter C or empty cell will produce the result text "Sample Text".

But if it works for you, than we are happy.

Best regards,

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