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I've been attempting to reset my password on yahoo mail (uk domain) using the reset method provided.

After inputing my adress I need access to, inputing the captcha on screen and answering my security questions I am met with an instant timeout notification, telling me to try again because I was inactive for a long time.

It takes me 10 seconds to go through this process; over and over again I am met with the same notification asking me to try again. I've tried using addonless browsers, laptops and desktops to no avail. Furthermore, I have asked others with yahoo accounts to attemt the same but have had no problems. I know the time out is set on yahoos side so im a bit lost. Any help on this is immensly appreciated. Thank you.
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Bizarre ! What is the exact message that you can read ?
Baffledknob- Oct 3, 2016 05:55PM
Hi Ambucias

I cant get a screenshot atm but closely paraphrased : "Oops, it appears you have been inactive for a while please try again"
Its the standard timeout message yahoo sends. Only its sent instantly on Entering the second security answer.
Message has a link attached to 'try again' and sends you back to the first step of the password reset.
Ambucias 34956Posts Monday February 1, 2010Registration date ModeratorStatus December 2, 2016 Last seen - Oct 3, 2016 06:03PM
I'm stumped ! Try again after deleting all of your temporary files and cookies.
alex- Oct 19, 2016 02:18PM
I'm having this exact same problem right at this moment, any sort of resolution would be great..
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