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Ask a question Nate - Last answered on Oct 6, 2016 at 06:26 PM by vcoolio

My job involves tracking several POs for several different vendors. I am looking to compile several sheets of data into one workbook with differing tabs (titled for each vendor). What I would like to see happen is, I input information (site id, address, PO #, Vendor) into the first master tab. then have a formula/macro take that info and based on the vendor name a populate the info into the corresponding tab by PO #. The trick is to pull information for different vendors to different tabs.

I am trying to do this so it makes everything much smoother. Is there any way to do it without having to key in the PO # in the vendor tab then VLookup everything else? Again I am dealing with a lot of data so creating something like this would be amazing.

Please Advise. Thanks!

plus moins
Hello Nate,

Have a look at the following link:-

It is a query I solved for another Poster a few months ago and I believe that it is a similar scenario to yours.

The code associated with that particular work book creates sheets based on Store numbers in Column A and then transfers each relevant row of data to the relevant sheet.

Let us know what you think.


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