I got a pair of headphones that messed up my speakers [Closed]

Ask a question Giraffe314 3Posts Friday October 14, 2016Registration date October 21, 2016 Last seen - Last answered on Oct 14, 2016 at 11:07 PM by Giraffe314
I have been looking all over the internet for an answer to my problem. It happened to my sister a while ago however hasn't been effecting me till recently. What happens is not when I plug in any pair of headphones to listen to audio, the computer doesn't shut off external speakers. I have seen some people get some really good help here so I was hoping someone could finally fix the issue.
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It may be a matter of configurations. Did it just start happening? If so, what changes have been made? Maybe you started using a new app? What has changed? Also, let us know what OS you are using, along with details that important...nothing but computer specific details!!
Giraffe314 3Posts Friday October 14, 2016Registration date October 21, 2016 Last seen - Oct 14, 2016 at 11:07 PM
Uhm I don't know much about computers... Uhm It just started happening after a Google Hangouts call. It happened right after that and I didnt do anything but start watching youtube with a different pair of headphones and thats when it happened. I don't know what an OS is, so if you don't mind letting me know what that is that would be nice...Uhm the headphone that broke it which were cheap which is probably why but all I wanted was a microphone... but they are Kotion Each G2000s and those were the new ones, and the other headphones that (i have been using for a while) are Superflux HD 681 2x32 OHMS

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