Monitor Does not turning on, but cpu power button lights up

Ask a question Drkvper - Last answered on Oct 17, 2016 02:38AM
Hello, Need your Help guys.

My windows 7 have a problem, Yesterday It's very okay but now the cpu is on, mouse are on, but keyboard and monitor are off. Then after a while it turns cpu powerbutton to blinking up (lights up, then off) when its turn on the fans are spinning but then after 2-3 secs. cpu turn off then the fans too.
Help please thanks.
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You probably have a hardware problem with the motherboard. It will need physical access to the hardware. I suggest a local PC repair shop.

Good Luck
Drkvper- Oct 17, 2016 02:38AM
yesterday i actually go to repair shop to check my pc problem. But they said"no software problem but it's because of not properly shutting down. That cause a blue screen." I'm confuse because im always shutting down it properly but it always happen the blue screen comes up. Then after a while the monitor are going black but the cpu are running.
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