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Sir I am kartik and I have a Dual sandisk OTG 64 Gb pendrive which suddenly got write protection I don't know how but now it's stuffs are getting deleted and even it's not getting formatted and just we can copy from it and in. Please make me get the right way. As I have tried Disk part, and some softwares to format directly.

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Hi Kartik,

Could you please give us a little more details about the issue? If you can copy files to the drive, it may have not been write protected. Please run the Command Prompt and type the following commands:
List Disk
Select disk n (n is the number of the drive)
Attributes disk

Check if write protection is enabled. I strongly recommend you to test the drive on another PC. Search the manufacturer’s web page for some formatting tool. I would update the antivirus and do complete system check just in case.

Hope this helps

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Hello r2d2_wd
Thanks for reply but I will notify you that I tried in three laptops but the same thing it is actually neither copying nor deleting no format even.
And even I have tried cmd codes in all 3 laptops.
I have tried Disk part, format command. But nothing even then it shows that it's write protected.
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So, write protection in CMD appears as enabled? Have you tried using the attributes disk clear readonly command? Do you get some error message when you try to format the drive in Command Prompt? Have you tried using the chkdsk L: /r command (replace L with the drive’s letter)?
I would try formatting it, while using the PC in Safe Mode. If none of this helps you, contact the manufacturer’s support and ask for some suggestions. Unfortunately, it is possible that the pendrive has been damaged.
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