32GB micro SD not readable WHEN IN adapter

Ask a question Doug Smith - Last answered on Oct 17, 2016 at 03:09 AM by R2D2_WD
A) 32GB micro SDs (various mfgs) work perfectly in various devices of mine
B) My desktops card reader reads 32GB SDs (NOT microSDs) perfectly
C) Desktop has no slot for micro SDs
D) 1&2GB micro SDs are read perfectly over adapters inserted in my desktop's card reader

HOWEVER, when 32GB micro SDs (see A above) are insert in the adapters I have (see D above), my desktop does not recognize any or them. It does not even issue an error - it's like nothing has been inserted in the card reader.

The adapters (both SanDisk) have the lable:

I understand 32GB microSDs are microSDHC format, so it would seem that the adapters SHOULD work on them (they work fine on 1&2GB microSDs... AND the card reader itself works fine on 32GB SD's (NOT microSDs)).

I believe I got the 32GB SD's without adapters. Are special adapters needed to accommodate 32GB microSD's?

Advice appreciated, thanks!
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Hi Doug Smith,

It is a strange issue. You have done good job trying to solve the problem. So, right now the card reader and the card are working normally when tested separately on different devices, but they are not working together, right? I advise you to test the reader and the card together on another PC.
I believe the card reader and the micro SD card should be compatible, unless there is some specific manufacturer limitation. My advice is to contact the adapter manufacturer’s phone support and ask for assistance. Please, let us know if you find a solution.

Hope this helps

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