Cant see my WD hd

Ask a question shaipaz - Last answered on Oct 19, 2016 at 02:44 AM by R2D2_WD

i have an external WD HD and i was using it on my mac.
when i plug it there i can see it. when i take it back to the pc i cant see it.
its hidden i belive. how can i set it for both? or i must format it.
thank you

plus moins
It's possible you reformatted the drive on the Mac. The Mac formatted drive is not readable on your Windows PC. The only format that is compatible with the Mac and Windows is FAT. You can format the drive on the PCD using the exFAT option. But, that will erase the data you recorded from the Mac.

Good Luck
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plus moins
Hi Shaipaz,

Like xpcman said, you may be facing some file format compatibility issues. It is a common problem when using these two operational systems. Please connect the drive to the Windows PC and open Disk Management. Does the drive appear and does it have a file format?
What you should do is to backup all data on the Mac PC and then format the drive choosing the exFAT file system. It is compatible with Windows and Mac and you should be able to transfer files between PCs.

Hope this helps

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