Try signing in from the device you use most often

Ask a question Tracy - Last answered on Mar 19, 2017 at 09:14 PM by Blahman
I have two Yahoo accounts, I can log in to secondary but my primary is saying this:

"uh oh! Looks like we can't get you in your account online. Please try signing in from the device you use most often or visit our help."

I NEED this account open. I have personal business I need to attend to using it.
It won't accept my password that I know is correct and recovering password goes to the screen that shows above statement.
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How do you figure out which device you use most often?
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The Yahoo message is very simple, you must login from the very same device and location you usually login either your phone or computer.

You must also logout of the one account before you try to login to the other.
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