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Ask a question Sherry - Last answered on Nov 28, 2016 at 03:29 AM by nathanwirth

I have a 320GB external HD. The problem is when i now connect my HD it does not show up in Win Explorer. I have tried different softwares and was able to open the HD in Explorer with one but copying from HD to my laptop is very slow even with Tera Copy. I checked Diskmanagement and it shows there as Unformatted Healthy partiton but when i do checkdisk it shows raw drive cannot be checked.Then i tried to convert FAT32 to NTFS but after running the process for whole night i got to just 2%. So was not successful in that. Now i am not sure what should i do next.
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Hi Sherry,

I strongly recommend you to check the drive on another PC and with another USB cable. If the issue persists, you should download the drive manufacturer’s diagnostics tool and check the drive for errors. Unfortunately it is highly possible that there is a problem with your drive and that is what causes performance issues. You have tried some useful troubleshooting steps but, sadly, if the drive is damaged, there is not much to do. I presume you have no important data on it, right?

Hope this helps

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I believe making changes into the file system of a RAW hard drive will makes the situation more worst. I would suggest you to first run the data recovery software to recover your data from the RAW hard drive and then format it for reuse. Thanks!!
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