Copy query from all worksheets of same workbook

Ask a question aj - Last answered on Nov 28, 2016 at 03:09 AM by yg_be

Please help me with below,
I have 600 worksheets file, out of which i want to add only fiest column of all sheets in one master file and then needs to come up with which are comman sheets.
Only heading name is different and needs to match rest of the column data.


plus moins
I understand this :
- for each worksheet from each (600) workbook, you want to copy the first column into a master worksheet in a master workbook.
Is that correct?
Do you have a list of all workbooks, or a way to find them?
Do you want to transfer each column into a single column, or each into a seperate column?
What do you want about "heading names"?
What do you mean with "needs to come up with which are comman sheets"?
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