A and B column query to provide Sum of column C [Solved]

Ask a question Rian Crabtree - Last answered on Nov 29, 2016 at 05:21 PM by yg_be
Hello and thank you for your help.

Please use this scenario for reference:
- A B C
1 abc x 1
2 abc y 2
3 def z 3
4 abc y 4
5 ghi x 5
6 ghi z 6
7 def x 7
8 abc y 8

What can I use to generate IF (A1:A8 = 'abc') AND (B1:B8 = 'y') THEN SUM of C column associated values? In this example the answer I'm looking to generate in a single cell is 14.

Thanks in advance!

plus moins
Try this :
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