Black screen after windows boot? [Solved]

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One day, completely out of the blue my computer decided to play up. When I booted it, the windows logo would load however after that the screen went black. I tried reinstalling windows 10 multiple times, everything goes smoothly until I finish installing graphics card drivers and need to reboot. Same issues. So I replaced my old hard drive with an ssd expecting it to make a difference, installed windows, downloaded drivers, SAME PROBLEM. Now every time I boot up I get a warning saying "The system has experienced boot failures due to overclocking or changes of voltage". My first thought was that it was my power supply, but it was so out of the blue and I'm really not sure what to do anymore. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Hi Plshelp,

So, actually the installation goes normally and when you install the graphic card drivers and restart the PC, the issue appears, right?
I would start by restoring BIOS to its default settings. If there were any overclocking or voltage changes, they should be fixed. When you are in BIOS search for MB Intelligent Tweaker and make sure you reset it to its default settings.
If this does not solve it, run the PC without the graphic card connected. Use only the integrated video and check if the issue persists. Replacing the HDD with a SSD will boost the performance but unfortunately may not help you resolve the issue. Anyway, when the problem is resolved, you will have a good addition to the PC.

Hope this helps

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After installing windows once more, I decided to find the drivers for my main board and download those instead of downloading my graphics card drivers and restarting. It seemed to fix the issues my computer, Ive shutdown and powered it up multiple times, everything seems to be in order. Not only that, but courtesy of my new SSD and a fresh windows, startup has never been smoother.
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