Multiple IF formula in one cell, date comparison [Solved]

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Hello, Would please help me to find the proper formula for this below
if R6 is Action date
if S6 is Target date
T6 is Number of days to close the action ( =S6-R6)
U6 Date of completion or closed action

I want a formula for V6 to be as :
- Open action if date range between R6 and S6
- Over Due if date > S6
- Closed if insert date in U6 cell
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Hi Ahmed,

Try the following formula:

=IF(U6<>"","Closed",IF(TODAY()>S6,"Over Due",IF(AND(TODAY()<S6,TODAY()>R6),"Open Action","")))

Best regards,
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Dear Trowa

Thanks and appreciated, but sorry that formula did not work still give me wrong message.

I Tried before many times ,and now I solved it finally by using this formula:

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TrowaD 2280Posts Sunday September 12, 2010Registration date ModeratorStatus October 16, 2017 Last seen - Feb 2, 2017 at 10:37 AM
All you needed was a push in the right direction. Good to see you worked it out.
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