Computer shuts off after plugging in anything.

Ask a question Kurt - Last answered on Feb 17, 2017 at 06:51 AM by R2D2_WD

OK so here's my issue I had some very quick warning about USB pop-up while on my computer, it was very quick and shut down my computer immediatly. Computer WOULD NOT statt back first thought was PSU so I got a new one (EVGA 700B) the test kit it came with worked properly so I know it's not the new PCU after hooking everything up inside the computer will turn on...Here's my issue, as soon as I plug in anything USB or Monitor cable and at any acceptable port the computer shuts off, and it won't power on again unless I unplug whatever I had just plugged in. The only thing it will not do this to is the Ethernet cable.

Please help...

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Hi Kurt,

This really looks like a PSU problem, so changing the power supply was a really good idea. Sadly, if the issue persists, I would advise you to check your motherboard. This is a serious port issue and may damage all connected devices. I would recommend you not to this risk and resolve the problem before using the PC again. You may need to seek assistance from a technician.

Hope this helps

Kurt- Feb 16, 2017 at 06:01 PM

Appreciate the feedback, I was thinking about it last night after posting my question and the motherboard makes sense. Don't have any bulging or blown capacitors but that doesn't mean I don't have a short somewhere...I know for a fact the new PCU is good (tested it on a test kit). And it's so intermittent on if it will power on even with nothing connected on the back panal. Going to replace the motherboard for now, if all is well I will mark this as solved. IF anyone has anything else that it may be please feel free to put your opinion in. It will give me other possibilities if replacing the MoBo doesn't work.
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I would bring the PC to a technician. They usually have lots of spare parts and may be able to test another motherboard without having to buy one. If it is not the motherboard, this means that maybe the old PSU damaged the CPU. This scenario is very unlikely but still possible. Sadly, it is possible to have the motherboard and another hardware unit damaged. Let’s hope all will go fine with another board.
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