External Hard Drive not detected in Disk Management or Device Ma

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A couple of years ago I got an external hard drive that held about 100 Wii games on it (It was some kind of Wii hack, and was probably illegal). We no longer use our Wii and I was going to try to use the external hard drive for personal use with my computer.

Whenever I plug the hard drive into my computer, it isn't detected anywhere. Not disk management, not device manager, or auto-play. However, it does tun on, and I can hear it spinning and the little LED comes on (normally too, not blinking or anything). I even tried a couple of different cords to see if that was the problem. I also plugged it into multiple computers, and multiple USB drives, and none of them worked.

My hard drive is a Seagate 250 GB 5400.6 External Hard Drive

This was the closest thing I could find. It looks exactly the same as this picture, but mine has a black covering that I took off, and it looks like this without it.

So does this mean that my external hard drive is bricked or completely dead? Should I try and contact Seagate even though it is probably formatted differently? f

All suggestions and answers are welcome.

Thanks in advance!
plus moins
Assuming it is a regular SATA drive, and it probably is, and assuming you have a spare SATA data cable around...yes, you can hook it up internally on a desktop.
See what happens.
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plus moins

In my opinion, the drive is physically damaged, as it is not recognizable by many systems and making a clicking noise. You should take your drive to hard disk repairing center and ask them to troubleshoot the problem with the hard disk drive.

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