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I want to split cell of available qty in to multiple cell according to requirement.

Sheet -1
Material PO qty Req. Qty
XX1 1 300
XX1 2 200
XX1 3 200
XX1 4 350
XX1 5 500
XX1 6 200
XX1 7 200
XX1 8 200

Material Batch Available qty
XX1 a 100
XX1 b 100
XX1 c 100
XX1 d 750
XX1 e 250
XX1 f 250
XX1 g 600

Req. Output as below

PO qty Req. Qty Batch Available qty Material remarks
1 100 a 100 XX1 PO qty Spilt
1 100 b 100 XX1 PO qty Spilt
1 100 c 100 XX1 PO qty Spilt
2 200 d 200 XX1 Batch qty Spilt
3 500 d 200 XX1 Batch qty Spilt
4 200 d 350 XX1 Batch qty Spilt
5 250 e 250 XX1 PO qty Spilt
5 250 f 250 XX1 PO qty Spilt
6 200 g 200 XX1 Batch qty Spilt
7 200 g 200 XX1 Batch qty Spilt
8 200 g 200 XX1 Batch qty Spilt
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