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I have recently been forced to buy a new laptop due to a hardward malfunction (not a software issue) and now want to retrieve the information from my old laptop’s HDD; It is a ST9808210A Seagate Momentus 4200A which I have never had any problems with previously. I purchased a SATA to USB connector and have plugged the HDD into the USB drive of my new laptop. The HDD is detected by the new laptop but does not come up on ‘My Computer’; on closer inspection in Administrator Tools, Disk Management, I see that the Disk is visible as ‘Disk 1’ but has a black bar above it and is ‘Unallocated’, on the left hand bar it is ‘Unknown’ and ‘Not Initialized’. When right clicking on the bar the only options available to me are ‘New Simple Volume’ and ‘Properties’ – neither of which enables the disk to work. There is also the option to ‘initialise’ the disk when clicking on the left hand bar, when this is tried I get the error message: ‘The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.’ Any ideas please – I really could do with getting several weeks of work off this disk!! THANKS.
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Try to use HDD Regenerator, it is free for the first bad sector, sometimes that happen due to hard drive failure in the PCB (board) or due to excessive heat inside the laptop and it damage the disk, I had a lot of clients with this problem and unfortunately the most of the times, we can not recover nothing because the surface of the hard disk is really damaged, I expect you can solve your problem.

Andro Jesus.
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You need a data recovery expert, you can go to thank company had recovered for me like 4 burn computers.

Good Luck:::

Maritza Reyna
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Right I’ve continued hard to grab the data of this disk and repair it; I have used ‘TestDisk’ and while recognising the disk drive it tells us that there is No partition and it has ‘Error reading sector’; It terms of what TestDisk can see the following comes up:
Disk/dev/sdc – 80GB/74GiB (RO) – ST980821 0A
No partition 0 0 1 9729 80 63 156301488 [Whole Disk]
Fred- Jun 23, 2009 at 09:04 AM
You need a specialist to look at this.


They are vey goog!

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