Blue screen of death and damaged hard drive

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Dear community

I am currently using a Samsung Notebook RF Series, and had it update to windows 10 a few months back. Everything seemed fine untill the this one update that froze and shut down the computer due to an unknown error.

I turned on the computer only to have found it unable to load windows 10. The loading circles stopped midways after about 3-4 seconds after the windows sign is shown. Thereafter I am brought to the wellknown blue screen of death.

Though the issue does not end there, I have tried most things from the net about using the troubleshooter.
And it seems like to me that the hard drive D: , also the one containing the reg, windows and all of the important things is damaged (Everything seems to be in D: and not C: on my case).
So using any software built in from the drive appears to be out of the question.
I am also unable to get into safemode or anything else and there are no rollbacks.

This seems to be the biggest issue I have ever faced and a rare one as I haven't managed to find any posts about it online.
I will be eternally grateful for your answer.

With best wishes!

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