Same Facebook account in different browsers? [Closed]

Ask a question Kimberly S.Howden - Last answered on Apr 21, 2017 at 01:24 PM by ac3mark
I am curious as to how my boyfriend had a Facebook account in the Facebook app.
Then I discovered the same account in Chrome but on this account (which was exactly the app account) I could see the 79 friends that I couldn't see in the actual Facebook app! Which were all females.
When I confronted him he deactivated his accounts and supposedly uninstalled the app.
Last night I found his account under another (browser?) labeled ACDC Facebook?
That's his favorite band.
I hit it which I ran across when looking something up in the Google search bar.
It pulled up ACDC Facebook with his name below it.
For the username it had his phone number and password.
Hit "login" and low and behold there was his account!
Would someone PLEASE tell me how this is possible?!!!
plus moins
Perhaps you should ask FB why THEIR product behaves this way (or better yet, ask your boyfriend why he is hiding). You have posted on CCM, and we have nothing to do with FB.

I am closing this thread.

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