Ip cameras can't detect signal

Ask a question Bluesboy - Last answered on May 3, 2017 at 10:47 AM by kieferschild
My router is a year old Cisco/linksys. I have multiple wireless ip cameras that are located throughout the house. All have typically worked fine with the time warner wifi signal of about 25/30 mgs.

Spectrum has now come in purchased Time Warner and cut service and reduced wi fi signal while increasing the monthly price. Now 5 of my 8 cameras don't work or work for a few days and then can't detect signal. Spectrum has cut the "juice" to my wi fi but I have not had an opportunity to run a speed test. I don't game or have gamers in my house and stream occasionally and use a cell phone and a couple laptops at a time generally. Right now the cameras are the only thing using wi fi and the signal is apparently so weak I probably couldn't stream if I wanted to. I'm supposed to have 30 mbs. In my plan. I suspect I don't have the 30 mbs.they "say"they're providing.

What are the minimum requirements for wireless cameras,moderate computer use and streaming small amounts of data on and off during the day?
plus moins
Have you changed your router?

Has anything changed in the area that could effect wifi signal?

Have you moved your router?

It's probably a signal issue.

What happens if you bring your camera's closer to the router?
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