Excel formula to handle duplicate records

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Thank you so much for taking the time to assist in resolving this for me.

Column A, Column B
30001234, 587
30001234, 586
30001235, 555
30001236, 632
30001237, 111
30001237, 122

Please assist with a formula to give the result in Column B
Column A, Column B
30001234, 587
30001235, 555
30001236, 632
30001237, 111

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Hi Gerberreinette,

What I understand from your sample data is that you want to remove the duplicates from column A and replace it with the value from column B.

Assuming you used cells A1 to B6 for this, I used the formula's:
C1: =A1
D1: =B1
C2: =IF(A2=A1,B2,A2) drag formula down
D2: =IF(A2=A1,"",B2) drag formula down

This will put the desired data in column C and D, which you can then copy/pastespecial as values over column A and B. Remove column C and D afterwards.

Is this what you are after?

Best regards,

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