Copy filtered data to sheet 2

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i have a main sheet with say column Item name and BATest.
i need to filter data of BATest and if Data is Analog input (for eg) then corresponding item name(Writable-AI) shouldbe written in some other sheet(Sheetname:2) in same workbook under pointName.
Please help on how to do that

Sheet 1:
ItemName BATest
Tenant_1 Accumulator
Writable-AI Analog Input
Writable-AO Analog Output
Writable-AV Analog Value
TLTest-AV1 Analog Value
TLTest-AV2 Analog Value
AnIn_New-average Averaging
Writable-BI Binary Input
Writable-BO Binary Output

username pointName parameterName parameterValue
.\Administrator Writable-AI OutOfService 1

plus moins

On the Data ribbon you will find the filter option. Filter your data and copy the visible data to the second sheet.

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