Unable to unhide folder

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I hide my folder through hidden file and folder... But now I am trying to unhide it but it's not working... the folder has occupy space but it is not showing ..what should I do?

plus moins
Let us get a list of all of the hidden files, then attrib the one that you recognize as the one that you want to unhide.....

If you simply want to display a list of hidden files and folders and not change their attributes, run the following command:


If you want to unhide all folders + subfolders and files, run the following command:

attrib *.* -h -s /s /d
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plus moins
Open any folder then;
->Go to Organize then
->Folders and Search Option then
->Go to the View menus then
->Go to the Show Hidden folder
After that go close that and go to the place where your folder was, you'll see your folder.
->if you want to make active your hidden folder, right click the folder then properties, after that unmark or remove tick in hidden section then OK
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