Show text in one cell upon drop down list selection in another

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I am trying to get text to change in one column based on text selected from list in another;
example in D2 I have a drop down list representing the colour choices for a product that states
If the client chooses red, yellow or blue then it is include in the cost already and under the cost column in F2 should say Included, If the client chooses custom then I would like the cell in F to read Not Included? any tips or tricks?

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tarre, Good morning.

For this your need Conditional formatting does not work.
Conditional formatting works only with aesthetic aspects as color, text format, background color and etc.

You need to apply the IF function to resolve your issue.

Try to use:

F2 -->
=IF(OR(D2="red", D2="yellow", D2="blue"), "Included", IF(D2="custom", "Not included", ""))

Is that what you want?
I hope it helps.
Belo Horizonte, Brasil.
Marcílio Lobão
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Hi Tarre,

Use the following formula in F2 for that:
=IF(D2="custom","Not Included","Included")

Best regards,
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