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Hi, I have an excel worksheet we use for daily retail business paperwork. It has 3 sheets with Daily Toatals, monthly Totals and Yearly Totals. I have to input data in Daily first, then copy and paste it into Monthly and yearly updates by simple formulas. I don't have extensive knowledge of excel, let alone Visual Basic. I would like for the Monthly sheet to update itself as it recognize the date on the daily sheet. Searched it a lot online but couldn't find anything other than some VB examples which went straight above my head. Can you help me. I appreciate that

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Hi Waseem,

Your question is very general. Care to share some specifics? How does it look now, how do you want it to look and what is the logic to get there?

You can type some sample data upload screenshots or more preferably upload your file using a free filesharing site like

Best regards,
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