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I have a number of properties I let out. I have looked for free software to let me keep notes on these properties as various things happen i.e. repairs, gas safety checks etc. These are handwritten in the files at present and difficult for me to trace back and look for items. I want to keep seperate notes for each property ( a separete database I can search). I use agents to let out the properties. The notes should have date stamp. I should be able to do keyword searches.

I have looked at CINTANOTES and similar programs but they do not do what I am looking for. I do not want to keep the notes in word or excel as cumbersome.

Does anybody know of free software available for this.

Many thanks.
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Get OpenOffice, and start a NEW database.

Create a table named properties with the elements of:
PropID (key)

Now create a table called TaskDetails:
TaskCompleted (y/n)

Now create a table called PropertyWork:
TaskId-this is the ID from the table above

Now, when you have a property, enter it in, and use the PROPID for the key entry into the TaskDetails for the work you perform. Then use the table of PropertyWork to link the task and property. Then you can report from the PropertyWork table, linking in the other tables to get the details.

Or, look into management software like APPFOLIO, I think the cost is like $1 a property. Check it out here:

Have fun!

<edited for addition of the WorkId as the key of table PropertyWork, for normalcy>

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Wow ! Just Wow!
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