Enter data into a master sheet to update subsequent sheets.

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I'd like to be able to enter data into a master spreadsheet which will update other spreadsheets to prevent me from having to enter the same data several times. Similar to a database but a database isn't an option.
Thanks in advance you
plus moins
Hello Lrc1,

To be able to help you, we are going to need more information. Can you show us what you already have:

- Your work book and how it is set out :Master sheet and subsequent sheets.
- Any code (or formulae) that you may have or may have tried.
- Which rows of data need to be transferred to the subsequent sheets.
- Do the rows of data to be transferred have a specific criteria in a particular column to be met in order to execute the transfer?

Please upload a sample of your work book (please use dummy data) to a free file sharing site such as Drop Box, or Sendspace and then post the link to your file back here.

Please give a clear explanation of what you would like to happen with inputs and expected results.

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