Acer Aspire E1-522 no bootable device, won't go past acer logo

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I have searched Google extensively. None of the symptoms my laptop shows are mentioned, other than won't go past the acer logo.

Here are the things I know:

-Leaving the thing on all night (drain the battery) then booting it doesn't work.
-When I get past the logo (rare occasion), it's a black screen reminiscent of command prompt, except every button I press shows the error "no bootable device".
-Taking the hard drive out (starting it just in case) then putting it back on doesn't help.
-I can reach "InsydeH20 Setup Utility" but I'm clueless about it and all the settings I've changed do not help.
-Sometimes, it shows the white circle, but after 10 minutes the screen goes black. 
-Sometimes, it'll say "preparing startup repairs" where you can troubleshoot and reset, but never goes past preparing. After a while, the screen goes black.

Please ask if you need any more info, I'll try my best to answer, but please help!!

Acer Aspire E1-522
System bios version: v2.09
Cpu type: AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon(tm) Graphics
plus moins
It appears that you will need to replace the hard drive and re-install Windows.

Good Luck
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