Black Screen After Windows Logo (Onboard GPU Works)

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Hello, I have tried researching my problem and tried various solutions that worked for others, but none seem to apply to me. Mostly, this issue seems to be with new rigs or laptops. My desktop is a few years old.

My Specs:
Windows 7 Pro
2 Monitors
ASrock z77 Extreme 6
Sapphire Radeon HD 7800
8GB RAM (2 sticks in proper DIMM slots)

Here is my problem:
I was playing Elder Scrolls Online when my game crashed. I went back in, and my graphics were artifacting badly: bright colors, lines and squiggles throughout my display. Suddenly, my game crashed again. This artifacting / crashing only got worse, while I tested it in other games with the same results. Finally, I got a Blue Screen of Death, and since then, I get a black screen after the windows logo (before log-in). The screen is not perfectly black, as if the monitor is off, but rather slightly lit / artificially black. Safe mode (onboard) still works, as does forcing onboard in the BIOS.

Things to note:
Device manager: "Display adapters" shows my AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
"Other devices" shows 3 items with the yellow ! icons:
PCI Simple Communications Controller, Unknown device, and Video Controller.

All temps and fans are fine.

What I have tried:

Reinstalling windows on a fresh partition
Reinstalling video card drivers (newest and older)
Re-seated RAM
Re-seated and re-plugged cables of GPU
Re-seated GPU into another PCI-E slot
Vacuumed throughout the case
Plugged both of my monitors in every combination possible, including onboard slots, as well as using only 1 at a time

Does anyone have any ideas? I am beginning to believe my GPU has just died.

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Can you boot in safe mode with networking?
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Yes I can boot to safe mode with networking.
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Perfect !

You wrote that you once got a BSOD, the problem may come from there. Let's see if we can find it.

Download the following on your desktop:

Unzip the file

Double click on BlueScreenView.exe

At the end of the scan, click on edit and then on select all

Go on file and click on save selected items

Save the log as bsod.txt

Open bsod.txt, copy and paste here
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Thanks for you responses,

Before I do all that, I assume that is a program that looks at past BSOD errors that are saved in some kind of log file?

If so, it may not work for me? The BSOD happened prior to my reformatting the HDD with a fresh install of win7.

Should I still bother?
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I ran the program. There was no scan that I saw, and I see no option to scan. However, it shows 0 crashes, which is perhaps why?
Ambucias 45700Posts Monday February 1, 2010Registration date ModeratorStatus October 18, 2017 Last seen - Aug 13, 2017 at 06:03 PM
Yep! That's why! Now my conscience is clear.!:-)

You wrote:

"Other devices" shows 3 items with the yellow ! icons"

Since you reformatted the drivers of the above devices must be updated.

I am pretty sure your issue is due to those drivers. Since you have Internet access, updating those drivers should as easy for you as apple pie.

P.S. Are there blueberries in the Amazon?
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