Kevin Turner (COO, Microsoft) : "We let the customer decide which Cloud they want to use for each application"

Antoine Crochet-Damais on Friday March 11, 2011 02:04:20 PM

Kevin Turner (COO, Microsoft) :

Exclusive interview !

Kioskea. Who are your main competitors in the Cloud area ?

Kevin Turner. Our strategy in the Cloud is about enabling a wonderful private Cloud, and enabling a great Microsoft Cloud, and enabling an hybrid Cloud in the middle. The differentiator for us is that we have structure our Cloud business around the idea that we would let the customer decide what they want to put in their own private Cloud, what they want to put in an hybrid Cloud, and what they want to put in the Microsoft Cloud.

But, we offer not only Cloud services. We offer Cloud platform. So, the ability to have Windows Azure as a platform, as an extension of Cloud services. That become very strategic as there relates to the development of new applications as you move those to the Cloud.

When you look at our offering today, we can help you to virtualize your datacenter and create your own private Cloud. We can help you figure out how to do an hybrid Cloud. We can help you too to do a Microsoft Cloud where we are hosting Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, CRM, etc.

And when you layer in the platform, that make a very comprehensive offering.
When you look at the competitors in the space, Google or Amazon [...], their strategy is more about : Hey, put it in our Cloud, or there is no Cloud service. That's simply different from Microsoft.

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