Kevin Turner (COO, Microsoft) : "We want to be present in 100% of the global Fortune 500 with our Cloud services"

Antoine Crochet-Damais on Friday March 11, 2011 01:51:15 PM

Kevin Turner (COO, Microsoft) :

Exclusive interview !

Kioskea. What are Microsoft's assets in the Cloud for SMBs and big companies ?

Kevin Turner. Our Cloud services solutions are scanning from small and middle sized businesses to the largest companies and governments in the world. The way we are offering a structure where we pay for utilization and allow people to tailor this offering based on their specific environment, it's a really wonderful thing.

Most small businesses don't want to have an IT department. They don't want to run IT. And traditionally, they want someone else to take care of that IT infrastructure.

One of the thing that I will share a little bit later today. Of the global Fortune 500, Microsoft is already powering off 50% of those companies with Cloud services. A year from now, I anticipate that the number will be more than 75%. And two years from now, it should be close to 100%.