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    October 2021

    29 October
    • How to delete WhatsApp messages: for everyone, permanently

      WhatsApp has a "Delete for Everyone" feature that allows users to delete the messages they have sent - up to seven minutes after they have sent them. The users just have to update their app to the latest build to access this feature. Read this article to know how to delete or recall messages on WhatsApp.

    • How to see starred messages in WhatsApp: Android, iPhone

      WhatsApp recently rolled out a new feature called Starred Messages, which is meant to help users keep track of their important IMs, images, and videos. This new feature is available on both the Android and iOS versions of the instant messaging app.

    • The best TikTok LED strip lights

      For all the TikTok lovers out there, you may have heard of something called "TikTok lights" to create the infamous TikTok effect. Read on for our selection of the best options, to help you achieve this super effect for your videos.

    • How to delete WhatsApp account: permanently, without phone

      WhatsApp is the world's most-used instant messaging app, used more than any of its competitors. Installing it is easy, as is deleting it. If you would like to permanently delete your WhatsApp account, continue reading to find out how.

    28 October
    • Sign up for Twitter: with Google, Apple

      Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that lets you publish short notes as "tweets." If you'd like to become part of the Twitter community, this article will show you how to sign up.

    • How to enable on disappearing messages on WhatsApp

      WhatsApp has introduced a new function to delete messages received after 7 days. These are temporary messages that you can activate or deactivate at will, according to your needs. In this article we will look at what disappearing messages are and how to enable them.

    • Send photos WhatsApp: iPhone, without compressing, Android

      WhatsApp gives you the ability to send photos, videos, and audio messages to your contacts, without needing to switch to another application or leave your conversation window. This article will give you a quick run-through of how to share media files on WhatsApp and how to send photos without compressing the images.

    • Hide WhatsApp conversation: Android, iPhone

      WhatsApp Messenger comes with a few useful archival capabilities that allow users to essentially "hide" conversations in their conversation feeds, without permanently deleting them. Check out this article to find out how to hide your conversations for privacy. This article will teach you how to use the WhatsApp Archive function.

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    • Can't sign into Yahoo mail: app, on phone, forgot password

      There are several possible situations where you can't sign in to your Yahoo! Account. It can happen because you forgot the password, someone hacked your account or Yahoo! blocked it for safety reasons. In this short article, you will find what went wrong and how to fix it.

    • How to switch to classic Yahoo Mail

      Yahoo Mail's interface has changed, and if you are among those that preferred how it looked before, then don't worry, you can change it. This article will show you how to revert to the classic Yahoo Mail view.

    • Yahoo Mail attachments: download, not showing

      If you are having trouble downloading attachments in Yahoo Mail, the issue could come from the configuration settings or security settings of the internet browser. In this article we will show you how to download attachments on Yahoo Mail.

    • Change Yahoo email password: iPhone, Android, desktop

      Changing your Yahoo Mail password is a very simple process that only takes about two minutes to complete. In this article we will show you how to change your Yahoo email password on iPhone, Android and desktop devices.

    • Add Yahoo account to Outlook: 365, 2019, 2016

      In addition to accommodating Outlook, Live, Hotmail, and MSN accounts, the Microsoft Outlook software can also be configured to sync with your Yahoo email. This tutorial will give you all of the settings that you need to set up your Yahoo account in your Microsoft Outlook application.

    • Yahoo Mail shortcut: icon, desktop

      You can create a desktop shortcut to rapidly access your Yahoo mail account and start composing a new mail, this article will show you how to set up a shortcut icon on your desktop.

    • Delete Yahoo Mail account: permanently, from phone

      If you no longer have use of your Yahoo Mail account you can easily delete your it and any data associated with it. In this article we will show you the necessary steps to delete your account and any prerequisites.