Create a Facebook group: for business, organization, or page

Create a Facebook group: for business, organization, or page

Generally, companies and organizations choose to create a Page when they want to be present on Facebook. But the creation of a group has several advantages too.

Group and page: definitions

Companies have two ways to be present on Facebook: Groups or Pages.
Generally they choose create pages.

  • A Facebook page is a space dedicated to a brand, a company or institution. Facebook members can "like" the page, publications made on the page are published on their newsfeed and they can interact with the brand. Most of the time a page is public!
  • A group is created by an administrator. It brings together people sharing a common interest. Depending on the desired level of confidentiality, the group may be secret (invisible to others), Private (visible but with private exchanges) or public (visible and public exchange).


Page - public exchanges

A brand will bring together its community on a Facebook page. Photographs, contact information, information about the brand or company is showcased on the page.
The greatest challenge is to create a community around the brand, which is not always obvious.

Group: promoting thematic exchanges

A group doesn't seek to make a brand or company popular on Facebook. Instead it aims to facilitate exchanges between members and circulate ideas.

Choosing between a group or page?

You can create a page if you wish to:

  • Develop the formal image (of a company, brand or institution).
  • Increase the visibility of a brand, company or institution.
  • Communicate openly.
  • Bring together a community.

You can create a page if you wish to:

  • Facilitate exchange around a theme or a community of interest.
  • Create a buzz around a specific topic.
  • Break the geographical barriers when working on a common project.

You can consider a Facebook group as:

  • An internal communication tool.
  • An open space build around a specific topic.
  • Promote exchanges around a specific expertise.

How to create a Facebook group?

  • Click on the "Groups" section in the main menu under your profile picture.
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  • Click on the "Create a Group" on the left column.
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  • Privacy options can be managed through the "Privacy" tab.

As an administrator, you can:

  • Appoint other administrators.
  • Restrict or open the right to publish or invite other members to join the group.