Create Google account: without Gmail

Create Google account: without Gmail

Although many of Google's services are free, you must have a Google account to fully access them. These services include Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and much more. This FAQ will show you how to create a Google account.

To create a Google account you can use your regular email (eg Hotmail or Yahoo). Just follow these steps:

Enter the homepage of Google and click on the "Sign-in" button at the top right corner

  • Click on "Create one for free use"
  • Fill out the form fields: enter your email address (which will be associated with your Google account), choose a password for your Google account ... click "I accept. Create my account"
  • Now you just need to go through the account verification process. Select the country where you reside and enter your mobile phone. Click "Send verification code to my mobile phone"
  • Receive a call from Google on your mobile phone which tells you the verification code. Enter the code in the box and click "Verify"
  • It's done! Your Google account has been created, you only need to enter your mail, open the email you received from Google and click on the link for account verification.
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