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Acer notebook won't access the internet [Solved/Closed]

Hello, My Acer Aspire one series notebook says it's connected to my wireless connection with excellent signal strength but neither Google Chrome or Internet Explorer will access the internet, or any other programs for that matter. I have tried basically everything on this forum related to my question, but it still won't work. I... Read more

Can't access Microsoft's website! [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Everytime I try going onto Microsoft's website, the page will not load or come up, instead I get a message reading "cannot connect to the server". I can go on any other website fine, with no problems, except for Microsofts website; which I need to access at times to download different softwares. Right now I am using Firefox, ... Read more

CPU is working fine but monitor not displaying [Solved]

Hello, I have been facing a problem with my computer for the last few days. It used to run normally until a today when I see "no signal" message on the monitor, right after switching it on. The CPU fan is working fine, the video card fan is also working fine, the casing's fan is also working fine. The monitor's LED just lit in blue col... Read more

Bittorrent doesnt install in my computer [Solved]

Hello, I am using Windows8 32bit. I downloaded Bittorrent but when I tried to run, it displays a message saying "this app cannot run on your pc. Find a version for your pc. ask software publisher". The software ran when I had Windows 7 on my laptop. Please help!

Compaq Presario CQ60 won't turn on! [Solved/Closed]

Hello all, We have a 2-year-old Compaq Presario CQ62-210 w/factory installed Windows 7. Nothing happens when turned on - no lights, no buzz from the fan, no nothing. This is our backup computer which isn't used much - worked fine with last use, but has been shut down for several days since. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks... Read more

Unable to see files & folders in my pen drive [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I can't see my files and folders in my pen drive after scanning with "Advanced Options - clean files" with nod antivirus software. Although files are not in hidden mode but still it contains my folders as I found it with "properties". Could you please suggest how can I fix this problem? Read more

Password BIOS Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 [Solved]

Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300. Can you please tell me how to remove the BIOS password? Thank you in advance!

Why is my Compaq computer screen black? [Solved/Closed]

Hi all, I have a Compaq computer loaded with Windows 7 Presario CQ57. Today, I was using it and I shut it down before I left. I came back and turned it on to find my caps lock blinking the power button on and my Internet button on orange? My screen is black. Can I have any advice please ASAP! Thanks! Read more

WiFi router password reset [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I am having a bit of trouble and I need some help. I have a WiFi router and I put a password on it about two years ago. The issue I am having is, I bought an Xbox and I want to put it with the WiFi. But, I have forgotten my password and I have no idea how to reset it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you... Read more

PC restarting automatically with repeated beeps [Solved/Closed]

Hi, A couple of weeks ago, suddenly my computer turned off automatically and after 2-3 seconds it started beeping. It beeped for 15 times repeatedly. I took that normally. But since then, when I turn my computer on, after 2-3 hours of running, the display goes black. It is happening again and again. I have to turn the computer off and ... Read more

CPU works but doesn't display [Solved/Closed]

Hi, The cup works but the monitor doesn't display. I tried changing VGA cable and the monitor too but did not get success for the display. I can access the computer on the network through remote desktop. And finally I restored it to the back-date of 5 days. After that, I can't even access it from remote. I can ping that PC. Thanks... Read more

Computer stuck at Windows XP loading screen [Solved/Closed]

Hello, My computer gets stuck, not frozen at the XP loading screen. It happens every time when I turn it on. The little blue dots will continue to scroll but the computer will never boot up. The computer boots in safe mode easily however. Oddly enough one day, out of frustration, I hit the side of the computer and it hesitated for a m... Read more