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    December 2021

    29 December
    • Speed up Windows 10 computer performance

      If your computer is a few years old or when you simply want Windows to become even faster, there are several ways to improve the performance of your operating system. How to speed up your computer? Below we describe a couple of tricks to make Windows 10 work faster.

    • How to save ping report in text file?

      Windows allows you to send a message, called a ping to other computers in your local network. If you would like to export the result of a ping command to a text file, here is how you can perform this action.

    28 December
    27 December
    • Update to Windows 10 for free

      On the 14th January 2020 Windows 7 became no longer supported, and Windows 8.1 will stop in 2023. If you still have one of the older versions of Windows on your computer, it would be advisable to consider switching to Windows 10. This article will show you how to update to Windows 10 for free.

    22 December
    • How to show volume in menu bar on Mac OS

      It can be useful to have the volume levels displayed in your menu bar on your Mac so in this article, we will show you how to configure this on your Mac computer. Simply follow the steps below.

    • How to delete multiple files on Mac

      If your Mac desktop is being filled with unnecessary files and folders, and you want to clear it up and make it more organized, you can remove them by dragging them to the trash one by one. There is however a quicker and faster way to remove multiple files and folders in a matter of seconds.

    • Speed up a slow Mac: Mini, computer, in 5 minutes

      Is your Mac running slower than usual? If so, there are several common issues to check to get it back up to speed. In this article we explain some of the main causes for a Mac performance slowdown and how to fix them. These tips should work for all Macs, from the MacBook Pro to the Mac Mini.

    • Change MacBook name: terminal, in iCloud, Airdrop, Bluetooth

      If you own a Mac computer, you are able to change the name on your device to personalize it. This article will show you how to customize your Mac's name for iCloud, Airdrop, Bluetooth, and also an alternative method that allows you to change your Mac name in the Terminal.

    21 December
    • Convert JPG to PDF: Mac, online, free

      PDFs, are the standard document type for most companies and businesses worldwide thanks to their portability and fixed format. PDF documents offer various advantages, such as security, smaller file size, self-containment, and their ability to be opened on most, if not all, computers. This quick tutorial will show you how to convert one or more JPG files into a single PDF (with each JPG on its own page) on a Mac.

    • Repair keychain: Mac, Big Sur, Monterey, Mojave

      Are your stored passwords corrupted? Or maybe your applications refuse to accept the "correct" password and you are being prompted to enter the password multiple times? To fix this issue you need to repair the keychain configuration. In this article we will show you how to perform keychain first aid with a method that should work for all versions of MacOS from Monterey to Mojave.

    • Force delete Mac file: in use, terminal

      Have you tried to delete a file in your trash, but the file or folders you want to delete refuses to disappear? Or have you tried to delete a file that is in use? To solve these problems, you need to use a UNIX command to be entered in a Terminal. In this article we will show you how to force delete a file on Mac.

    20 December
    • How to receive files via Bluetooth on Mac

      If you are unable to receive files sent using Bluetooth from other devices, typically there is no error message displayed to tell you what is going wrong. This article explain how to receive files using Bluetooth.

    17 December
    • How to allow downloads from unknown sources Mac

      There are plenty of interesting apps from trustworthy developers which are not available on the Mac App Store and you might want to try them out. This tutorial explains how to easily run apps downloaded from unknown sources on your Mac.

    • Mac numpad: keyboard, shortcuts, emulator

      The default keyboards of the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and the iMac have no numeric keypad for entering numbers from a dedicated number pad. Depending on the model you have, you will normally have to hold down the shift key and then use the buttons above the letters. We will talk you through this process below.

    • How to find IP address on Mac: computer, terminal

      Every device connected to a network has an IP address. It is a unique identifier that locates your computer or Mac on the network. Your Mac connects to the internet through a network or router; which implies that you have a local IP address that identifies the Mac on the local network (router) and a public IP to connect to the internet. This short tutorial explains how to find these addresses on your Mac.

    • How to reset mail on Mac: Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave

      Mac computers come equipped with a Mail App to help organize your e-mail accounts. This article will show you how to reset your e-mail preferences to the default settings on MacOS X, including Big Sur, Catalina and Mojave.

    16 December
    15 December
    13 December
    • How to fix volume buttons on Asus laptop

      The problem with volume buttons and hotkeys on Asus computers is quite common among its users. If the sound system on your PC is not working properly and volume function buttons on your keyboard don't work, read this article to find out how to fix it.

    8 December
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