Operating Systems - Installing MS-DOS

June 2018

Installing MS-DOS

When installing MS-DOS, make sure that in the BIOS the the boot disk is set to A: first, then the hard drive (boot sequence: A:, C:) Then insert disk 1 in the A: drive, power up the computer, then follow the on-screen instructions.
You must enter the following information:

  • time and date
  • country
  • the media on which to install the operating system (make sure the drive is accessible and has sufficient free disk space)
  • the storage folder for MS-DOS files
  • if the MS-DOS shell should appear on each start-up
  • if MS-DOS should occupy a single partition taking up the entire hard drive

Creating a system boot disk

After MS-DOS has been installed you should create a system boot disk.
Once you have inserted a blank floppy disk into the drive enter the following command:

format a: /s

The /s switch means "copy system files".

This floppy disk can be used to boot the system by inserting it in the floppy disk drive and restarting the computer.

Sistemas operativos - Instalación de MS-DOS
Sistemas operativos - Instalación de MS-DOS
Windows 10 installieren
Windows 10 installieren
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Systèmes d'exploitation - DOS - Installation
Sistemi operativi - DOS - Installazione
Sistemi operativi - DOS - Installazione
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