Datamining and OLAP


The purpose of OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) is the allow a multidimensional analysis of high-volume databases to conduct a special analysis of data (subjet matter of special querying).

Thanks to OLAP, users may create multidimensional representations (called hypercubes or "OLAP cubes") in accordance with the criteria defined by them to simulate situations.

Data Mining

Datamining, other than multidimensional analysis (OLAP), is intended to show any correlations in a significant volume of data of the information system in order to detect any trends.

Datamining is supported by artificial intelligence (neural network) techniques to show hidden links between data.


An EIS (Executive Information System) is a tool which makes it possible to organize, analyze, and determine indicators to create border tables. This type of easy-to-ise tool only makes it possible to handle queries modeled prior thereto by the designer.

A IDSS (Intelligent Decision Support System), in turn, is intended to allow modeling of different and varied multidimensional representations, although it has a steeper learning curve.

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