e-Procurement - Management of the purchasing function

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The term "e-Procurement" (for Electronic Procurement, sometimes written eprocurement) refers to the use of new technologies to automate and optimize the purchasing function of the company.

The term refers to a B2B exchange, i.e. a transaction between two companies, which allows a buyer to consult the product catalog of a seller online and to directly place orders according to a well defined purchasing workflow. Thanks to e-procurement, the process of requesting estimates, issuing a purchase order and billing is handled electronically and in a centralized manner at the level of the two enterprises, which makes it possible to shorten the ordering and delivery times while simplifying the purchasing process. Overall, e-procurement therefore makes it possible to cut cost and improve handling of purchasing matters.

The term e-tendering (electronic bid) is sometimes used to refer to the use of the Internet to request estimates on one hand and receive bids on the other.

The term e-sourcing (electronic sourcing) refers to the use of the Internet to identify and contact new suppliers for a given type of product.

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