PC assembly - Installing the motherboard

The motherboard

The motherboard is screwed into the casing. Small risers, called spacers or mounting screws, come with the motherboard and are used to keep a space between the motherboard and the case. These risers are plastic points which "clip" into to the case or into metal supports that have been screwed into place.

Once the motherboard is aligned on the risers, and the inputs and outputs are aligned with the holes in the case the motherboard should then be screwed into place at the bottom of the case.

The motherboard is then connected to the PC power supply. Inside the case a 12 or 24 pin female plug-in connector (or 2 x 6 pin connectors) comes out of the power supply. This connector should be plugged into the matching socket connector on the motherboard (see manual), make sure that the 4 central wires are black (ground).

After that, several other components must be connected to the mother board. The row of pins on the motherboard is used to wire the front panel on the case (pc speaker, power button, light indicators, etc.).

We recommend referring to the motherboard manual to find where they go, even if the names are marked on the board (SPK-speaker, etc.). Here is a non-exhaustive list of components:

Component Number of pins Abbreviation
Speaker 4 SPK
Reset button 2 RESET SW or RST SW
Power light 5 POWER LED or PW LED
Hard drive access light 2 HDD LED
Power button 6 POWER SW ou PWR BTN
Fan 2/3 FAN
Infrared 4 IR
Suspend 2 SUSPEND
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