Information systems architect

Information systems architect

An information systems architect designs architecture for an information system, meaning that he/she plans out the individual elements of the information system and how to implement them, as well as being in charge of upgrading them. The information systems architect is to the business's information system what an architect is to his/her building, though the information system is more likely to change over time.

To do his/her duty, the information systems architect must first study the client's needs (its management or the organization where he/she has been brought in to work), map out a system by analysing the existing one, then propose an architecture model and finally bring it into being by choosing a hardware and software infrastructure.

An information systems architect usually works as part of a team, collaborating, if needed, with a system engineer and a network engineer, and interacting with the company's management.


The profession of an information systems architect is critical, as it affects the operation of the entire business.

Besides his/her technical skills, the architect must have mastered the organization of the company and its technical infrastructure. He/she must also have excellent interpersonal and strategic skills, as well as something of a taste for negotiation, since he/she works in turn with management, users, and technical solution providers.


An information systems architect's salary can vary from $70k to $80k (£35k to £40k) a year.

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