Information systems director (ISD)

Information systems director (ISD)

An information systems director (also called an IS director) has both managing and technical skills. He/she is in charge of bringing information systems in line with the company's plans, setting and managing budgets, and coordinating technical teams.

The information systems director is considered part of the company's management team. To that end, he/she sits on the Board of Directors, and must take into account the requests of other executives and report to them on his/her activities.


The information systems director's profession requires a solid technical background in IT and a strategic vision for innovation and change, combined with management skills.

What's more, the IS director must have a methodical and rigorous approach to his/her profession, interpersonal skills for dealing with his/her teams, and the ability to negotiate. Finally, he/she must have a full mastery of English, no matter where in the world he/she may live, for making contact with international business partners.


There is no training for an IS director. This position is given to people in the middle or end of their careers who have had much experience in different fields of IT and have led numerous IT-related projects.


An IS director's annual salary starts at around $70k (£35k) and can gradually reach over $140k (£70k).

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