Network technician

Network technician

The job of a network technician is to work with network equipment and wiring in order to ensure that users have the best possible quality of service. In large corporations, the network technician may act under the authority of a network administrator or a network engineer who knows the company's network architecture perfectly.

Depending on the company, the technician's duties may include some or all of the following:

  • Monitoring network activity;
  • Dealing with cables, especially in the connection ports;
  • Configuring network equipment (such as the router, the hub, etc.);
  • Analysing network security;
  • Working with network hardware distribution companies' post-sale service departments.

If a serious malfunction occurs, the network technician must be able to assess whether he/she is capable of handling the problem, and if need be, to call in specializts.


The network technician must have a profound understanding of the main types of wires, equipment, and protocols used in networks.

Additionally, deductive reasoning is essential to be able to diagnose the cause of glitches, network congestion, or packet loss.


The salary of a network technician usually varies from $32k-$50k (£16k-£25k) a year.

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