Webmaster (Website administrator)

Webmaster (Website administrator)

A webmaster (also called a website administrator) is in charge of maintaining and developing the company's website. To do so, he/she works to define the architecture and tree structure of the website, sometimes in concert with an interface designer to help with navigation, an art director for the graphical standards, and a content manager for the content. Generally, the webmaster is not directly in charge of the editorial content. He/she is, however, in charge of carrying out or coordinating IT development for upgrading or maintaining the site. Finally, depending on the situation, he/she may be in charge of website indexing.


The profession of a webmaster combines technical knowledge and strategic vision, with a touch of creativity. For this reason, the webmaster must have a technical background and a good knowledge, at the very least, of web standards:

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • XML

For a dynamic website (most cases), the webmaster will also need to know the languages of the scripts chosen by the company, and have a basic understanding of databases. Among the main dynamic script languages to know are:

  • PHP
  • ASP and .NET
  • JSP

What's more, the webmaster must have a solid background in web application security, search engine optimization, and an understanding of legal basics in order to comply with regulations in force.

Finally, the webmaster must have interpersonal skills, knowledge of corporate structures, and a willingness to listen to others, in order to be in a position to coordinate the various personnel involved in producing a website.


The salary of a website administrator may vary from $35k-$54k (£18k-£27k) a year, depending on the size and complexity of the site in question.

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