msconfig - msconfig.exe

msconfig - msconfig.exe

msconfig.exe (msconfig) is a standard process in Windows XP (and earlier versions of Windows) for editing the startup configuration. MsConfig is mainly used for removing processes loaded when Windows is booted.

How do you use msconfig?

To use msconfig, log in as a user with administrative privileges, then click on Start/Run and enter msconfig.

The window that opens includes the following tabs:

  • "General" for selecting a startup mode.
  • "SYSTEM.INI" for modifying the settings of certain peripherals.
  • "WIN.INI" for editing certain Windows settings, such as the background or the color settings.
  • "BOOT.INI" for defining boot options, including enabling the boot menu.
  • "Services" for defining the processes which are automatically loaded at startup.
  • "Startup" for choosing which programs load when Windows starts up.

General tab

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